Starting in hospitality in 2001 whilst helping his father run their first café, Jean-Paul quickly taught himself the fundamentals of coffee making. In 2006, Jean-Paul moved to Brisbane to pursue a professional career in coffee, and secured a position with Veneziano Coffee Roasters to launch their new Roastery in West End. For eight and half years, Jean-Paul quickly built his reputation to become one of the country’s leading coffee professionals. He secured a number of Barista Competition titles including 2010 Queensland Barista Champion. Over his career working with Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Jean-Paul immersed himself in every facet of specialty coffee including growing and processing, roasting, production, wholesale and business development. Through his knowledge, Jean-Paul has proven himself to be a reliable and successful business partner for some of the country’s most successful specialty cafés and franchises.


Purchasing his first café in 2001 with no hospitality experience, Daryl quickly learnt firsthand the hard work required to manage a successful cafe. Daryl established himself as a very successful café operator by growing an impressive portfolio of busy café’s. His business model was to purchase poor performing cafes and build them back to profit. Daryl sold his final store in 2016 to join his son, Jean-Paul at Specialty Coffee Trader.


The newest member of our team at Specialty Coffee Trader, Charlie started building a passion for quality coffee when his father purchased their familie’s first espresso machine when he was younger. Charlie has been keen to grown his skill and knowledge base by working within the hospitality industry and has quickly built his reputation as a great Barista producing some seriously tasty brews  at Specialty Coffee Trader’s espresso bar in Garbutt.